and then i went OHAYOU~

Hello my munchokins,

For those who might not be aware, I AM A HUGE FAN OF JAPANESE FOOD!

Like i just love it, i mean literally i can eat it everyday but i have specific favorites LIKE SUSHI AND RAMENS and so, one day after work, i headed down to Suntec City, a shopping mall in Singapore located at City hall to have some Ramen but i got distracted over some restaurant sushi banner and without a second though, i went in and Kart to eat dinner.

The menu actually overwhelmed me and i had no idea what to get but finally i started spotting food that i adore and the ordering commence.


ICED GREEN TEA!                              SUSHI GOSHIN (Restaurant name)          Prawn ramen that was AH-mazing

20150426_202335 20150426_203506 20150426_203502

Left to Right : Little plates for soy sauce, EEL SUSHI which look wayy to burnt ,  Soft shell crab Sushi

20150426_202859 20150426_202855

Left to Right : Crab sushi, Inari Sushi and Tamago sushi with a side of wasabi.

20150426_202501    20150426_203803 20150426_202723

Left to Right : TAKO SASHIMI and Prawn Ramen and classic California Handroll.

I love how minimalist the concept of the restaurant and the prawn ramen is a must try, one portion is like $6 but it is superly yummy and everything was good but the Soft Shell Crab.

Let me be honest, it was horrible. The sushi and Soft shell crab did not blend harmoniously together in my mouth, it was like raging a war with 2 very different taste. The seafood crab taste was overwhelmed by the green outer layer seasoning and it didn’t taste well at all.

To me, when i enter a sushi eatery or restaurant or somewhere else, i will always order classic sushi such as Tamago, Crab or things like that on the first try because i feel that if the place can master the classic sushi then no doubt they will excel in the rest.

Pricing was kinda average to normal sushi restaurants but the ambiance was nice and calming, it wasn’t loud in decor and felt very wide and spacious but the food was a little disappointing though.

that all for now,


Mariam R.


i’m not Vegan but this vegan cafe could be my next thing!

Hello everyone!

it has been a long time since i wrote something here and i am here to tell you guys regarding the new Vegan cafe located at Novena!

It is called The Real food


Now i am no Vegan, lets get that straight. I love food and i love my meat but sometimes we have those moments where we eat too much meat or unhealthy stuff and we feel horrbile and decide it is time for a clean diet or something minus the meat and what perfect way it is then to go Vegan for the day!

Now this place has a cat cafe vibe going and i am not kidding.


See all them shelves? Perfect for a cat cafe for cats to climb out of reach to go anywhere and everywhere especially to escape from the human grabby hands!

Now The Real Food serves Ice cream, main dishes, appetizers and a wide range of drinks which all of them are made from Organic ingredients and this cafe is 100% Vegan or so they say.

Now while looking through the menu, i do believe they are slightly on an average cafe pricing so that ranges from like $8 till $14 depending what you order.

Now for pictures galore!

20141226_170237_Richtone(HDR) 20141226_171009_Richtone(HDR)

Ice cream were priced at $4 and this is chocolate which tasted more like dark chocolate and Hazelnut. Museli was an additional $1

20141226_171259_Richtone(HDR) 20141226_171349_Richtone(HDR)

Now what interest me was their Decor. The had this lamp with a lot of paper which has words and drawing on it as their lamp and the shelves were filled with this bags which was nice and yellow and very structured which got a thumbs up from me cause they looked cool!

20141226_170256_Richtone(HDR) 20141226_170347_Richtone(HDR)

What i love about the decor is that it is very relaxed and it is not overall cluttered unless you are in the shop itself because they have a variety of products for sale!

So to me, it really is the perfect place to chill and feel healthy because everything is not only organic, Vegan but it is easy on the eyes with the wide spaces and interesting decor!

Now you can find them at

the real food

Also check them out at

Have fun and be Vegan for a day!

Toodles dee you guys!



It’s a Kitkat affair

There are days where i wish i lived in Japan because of this

Look at how many Kit Kat flavors they have,

The only kit kat that i have tried would be


Yam Flavoured Kit kat which taste pretty sweet,


Strawberry Kit kat which is easily found and smells like strawberry and taste like sweet strawberry, Easily my Favorite as well.


Dark Chocolate Kit kat which is easily found in NTUC in singapore and pretty nice actually,

Its refreshing because it isn’t too sweet like the rest,


Kobe pudding Flavored Kitkat which really does smell and taste like pudding!


Another one of my most favorite, Cherry blossom green tea kit kat,

It actually taste like a lighter green tea but equally yummy!


Red Bean Kit kat

i honestly have no idea why people say this is super nice when to me, it is super weird and is honestly not nice. I do not find it sweet nor tasty, it is super bitter like i am eating the darkest chocolate there is and i just didn’t like it.

IMG_20140812_220833  IMG_20140812_221019

This is called bite size ice cream kit kat and honestly i love it, it taste like vanilla ice cream and i just loved it, it is sweet and yummy and look how thick the coating is!


Raspberry kit kat and this is actually not bad only that there is a tinge of sourness from it but apart from there, it is actually pretty good.

Well sadly, i have only managed to try so few but i am of course going to keep a look out for more flavor i can find!

Well that all for now,

Toodle dee you guys,



Throwback mo back : Tragic vase

So let’s retrace back to the the 8th of October which was about 2 weeks ago?

Life was good then, my mom’s birthday was approaching and i had gotten her present ready which made me excited cause i couldn’t wait for her to see the ring. I was excited and we had decided to go to Johor the day just to relax and ended up eating at this cafe named Cookies and Ginger which we have been here before and the food was amazing!

We shall start with my favorite drink which is VANILLA COKE! i swear this is the sex and yes i know how high in sugar and unhealthy it is but come on, its VANILLA COKE!




These are known as buffalo wings and i have to admit how finger licking it is. Cookie & Ginger offer 3 level of spiciness and i could only last the 2nd level before my tongue caught on flame.


Rib eye steak anyone?

Soft and tender, medium well done i suppose


Fried salmon?

So my mom and dad both took Fried salmon and it was delicious and i was stealing bits and piece till i got the Salmon belly which nearly made me puke because it was not cooked properly and it smelt so fishy that i gagged on the taste and nearly puked it all out but apart from that, everything was good.

So we went home and i was watching top gear when we heard this loud noise but we didn’t bother checking which was our mistake and guess what greeted me the next morning,



can you imagine how shocked we all were and obviously frighten because such things has never happened before and to know someone actually got the cheek to throw one of my mom’s vase and kindly note we live at the corner house and it could not be that a cat came and pushed it off because they like to sleep on it or someone accidentally tipped it because it is impossible.

The only thing we could do was report to the police and so far it has been peaceful but of course my mom is traumatize of the incident and is quite cautious when coming home late.

So that’s about it for now,

Toodle dee you guys!



Throwback, My 21st

So last year, i had my 21st birthday!

for you guys who don’t know, i turn a year older every 7th December and this year was special because i turned 21!

However instead if throwing a big party, i decided not to do anything because i didn’t feel right for me to make it a financial burden for my parents.

So like every year, i celebrated my birthday a day earlier because my grandmother and i have are only different by a day which means granny was born on the 6th of December while i was born on the 7th of December and a few days before, 2 of my loveliest girls decided to surprise me by faking that they wanted to have lunch with me and ended up giving me a present which surprised me because i was not use to getting gifts. My parents normally gave me money and told me to buy what i wanted within the budget.


So i was taken aback but thanked them nevertheless and gave them a hug and when i got home, i tried to delicately open it but we always end up tearing it and look!


IT HAD A LIL STUFF TOY DOGGY INSIDE! i was stoked because i loved dogs and being a Muslim, you couldn’t keep one and my parents were against stuff toy being in the house because it collected dust and they found it very annoying especially my mom but it is a different case when someone buys it for you and would you look at the card?


I am a sucker for handmade cards and i had to admit it was very creative and i felt lot of love and thankful.

So on the 6th of December, we had a buffet dinner with the whole family and my 2 favorite girls, SZ & Twinny kept asking where was i and what time i was coming home. I didn’t suspect much at first and had a great dinner and came home pretty late and to my surprise, i found this at my doorstep,


I was totally freakking out and of course i asked my girls if it was their doing because 1, they kept asking very suspicious things and 2, i recognize their handwriting and of course both kept denying and made a joke saying i had a secret admirer which i didn’t believe of course and when the clock strikes midnight, I finally opened it and what i saw inside made me tear up,


They got me a FrancFranc cup with gold rimming ( MY FAVORITE), the crop top that i wanted, Laduree Macaroons which were crazy expensive in Singapore and a book with their birthday wishes inside which honestly touched me because back in 2013, Laduree macaroons always had a long queue even though they were crazy expensive and to know that my best girls were willing to queue and get me those really touched my heart and probably broke their wallets as well.

It was the perfect start to my birthday however as the day was progressing, it turned sour because on my birthday, i wanted to eat at this placed named Amirah’s grill which sells Mediterranean food in Arab street but my mom didn’t want to go there which made me upset and after much pestering from my auntie, she gave in but she brought me to eat at earl Swensen which to be honest was horrible and the food was really tasteless.


i took some Turkish dish because i loved turkey but this was bland and horrible,


Mom and dad had some rib eye steak and it was horrible as well.


To be honest, i can’t remember how the dessert taste like except the raspberry was frozen solid and my teeth ached after that.

And so, my 21st ended on a bad note as the food was horrible and i didn’t enjoy it at all.

The following day, 8th of December, my kitty kart texted me and asked if i was going out which i said i didn’t and was cleaning the house when suddenly, she called me and asked me to come down and surprised me with this,


She had gotten me 12 cupcakes from a bakery named twelve cupcake ( Note the pun?) which made me laughed and made my day a whole lot sweeter.

Toodle Dee everyone!




I honestly love food, more than i love people and that is no lie!

Food are like the best thing god has created because not only it makes you feel happy, it comes in a variety of flavour and colour and what more!

strawberry shortcake


Meet one of my most favourite cakes, the strawberry shortcake! This is known to be a creamy cake and would probably be the only creamy cake i would gladly eat with cream and all! And the fact that is had alot of strawberry in it is a winner because i love cakes with fruits in it! I actually bought this from a bakery in Tampines named Yamazaki Boulangerie and no regrets! It was super good.

kitkit green tea


While wondering around, my friend saw this gem and i had to try it because i love green tea and a kitkat in that flavour was just begging me to try it and i was glad i bought it! It looked like a normal kitkat except the fact that it was green and tasted like Starbucks green tea frappe! Super yummy and i would total buy again!

20130724_202315  20130724_202450

Now all bought all this food stuff at Daiso! Daiso is known to import japanese goods and food and i had no idea why i bought it in the first place but no regrets here because the can is superly cute and smaller than average can size and they taste so good! I bought orange squash, Milk tea, Grape soda and Grape juice. Only the Grape sode was in a regular can while the rest were smaller and i also bought rainbow sunflower seed! I grew up eating those and could easily finish one pack in a day! I would definitely ask you guys ( to the Singaporean or whoever has Daiso in their country ) to head down and try their range of Japanese drink because it is honestly not that bad and its like 2 can for $2 so its kinda worth it and it is okay to be adventurous sometimes!

Much love,


rants : eventful week part 2

Hello my readers (Again)

This is part 2 where i will talk about my fainting experience in public. 

Yes, you read it right. 

I fainted in public! 

how was it like? 

i should probably tell you how it got to that point. 

So on Friday which was 5th of july, I went to the polyclinic near my school to get an MC for my horrible dripping nose that was starting to annoy the crap out of me. Got my mc and headed to blood donation before meeting up with my girls as i was free like a bird. 

My blood donation was a-okay but perhaps i should have rested long or took a heavier meal as 15 min after my blood donation, i feel my body heating up and my world started spinning. In fear, i quickly dashed to the nearest seat and put my head between my legs so the blood would go to my head but before i knew it, i was already on the ground. 

i have no idea how i fell because i felt instant pain on my knee and side of my head as soon as i woke up. People were crowding around me and i was sweating a bunch but the worst part was when i felt like my head wanted to explode. I could barely stand nor sit up. All i wanted to do was lie down and hopefully the pain would go away

but alas, i was in public and the MRT staff had to force me to get up and take a rest at their rest room. Once i got up and started walking, i started puking as well. It was horrible! My head was spinning, i felt cold and warm at the same time and now my stomach was puking all of its content. 

this was just not my day. 

The MRT staff guided me to their rest room and i had to lie down and slowly colours was coming back to my face and the next thing i knew, the ambulance was already there. Apparently the public called them ( bless those lovely concern souls )

they took my blood pressure and asked me a series of questions and asked if i wanted to go to the hospital. Me being a scardey cat said no and since the MRt staff called my parents already. I told the paramedic that my mom is already on the way and if anything happens, my mom will drive me over. 

They agreed and went off without giving me a few advices and cheerfully waving goodbye. That made me smile. Mom came and picked me without and once i got into the car, she started nagging at me and it didn’t help because i was in pain and had a head splitting headache. 

but i know my mom means well and she was nagging at me to cover her worry. Which mom won’t be concern over their child? 

We went home and i sleep from the evening sun till the dead of the night. Yes, i was that tired and when i woke up, i instantly felt better but after a while, i would start feeling light headed again and would have to lay down again. My head now has a bump due to the fall and the downside of fainting, for 2 days straight, i have been pigging out. Literally an hour or two after my last meal, i’ll start eating again and the worst part, i wasn’t even close to being full. 

PS, now i’m hungry and craving for junk foood! 


anyway much love you guys, 


Macaroons rant : canele macaroons

Hello my fellow readers, i know i have been on a haitus and i have no good excuse to redeem myself. okay maybe 1 excuse, i was working and i totally screwed up this time round because i was suppose to be working this morning but i forogt and overslept and my manager was super pissed at me but i tried my best to pacify her and hopefully all will be okay.

Okay, on to rants today!

I love macaroons! like i have this strange obsession with them. Macaroons are like a constant craving for me and its is probably because i have a sweet tooth and i can’t just walk by a macaroon store and go like “Not today “. i would literally run in and go “Okay give me a box of your macaroons ”


so a few days ago, i passed by a store called Canele that sells cakes, coffee and MACAROONS!

So being me, i obviously kept eye-ing them and went ahead to buy a box of 6 different yummy flavoured macaroons which was Cookie and cream, hazelnut, caramel, tahiti vanilla, raspberry mint and fettuline or something like that.



So before i start sharing how these beauty taste like.

For some who don’t know what is macaroons, let me give you an overview.

So basically macaroon are like sweet treats, very sweet and mainly eaten for tea time back in the old days. They are like jam filling sandwiched between two soft and chewy cookies and they come in a variety of colours and flavours.

Some people don’t like them because they tend to be very sweet and very chewy and one fine example would be my mom. She dislike them because it is too sweet.


so first up, i tasted the raspberry mint because it looked really colourful and i love the fact it was raspberry with a mix on mint because i love them both.


see how yummy that is! The raspberry was way stronger than the mint and partly it is because there were additional raspberry filling inside the macaroons itself. very yummy but i wish i could have tasted the mint a bit more.


Meet cookie and cream!
It is really thick and creamy and amazingly taste like cookie and cream. Some sort like oreo actually but to me, after 2 bites, i think the thickness was too much but overall very yummy.


This is my favourite! it’s like a party in my mouth. It is caramel flavoured but here is the twist, it is salted caramel! It is super yummy and so soft and chewy! One of the favourite without a doubt!


They call this the tahiti vanilla flavoured. Not sure about the same but pretty much sure about the flavour. Best vanilla i have ever tasted. It is very rich without being too creamy. A pretty nice balance if you asked me.


i still am not sure what is this called but those brown bits at the top actually make this the only crunchy macaroon i have ever tasted! This macaroon is like a mix of chocolate and hazelnut and a very yummy combination. Both parts are in balance and none is overpowering the other.

the last one is actually hazelnut and it’s funny how i don’t have a picture of it. Must have gobbled it up because it smells great and tasted purely of hazelnut. Definitely the best one i have ever tasted so far.

my verdict on Canele :

love the macaroons! Everyone single one of them was chewy and soft and not too hard like some other macaroons i have tasted from a different brand. My recommendation would be the caramel, vanilla and hazelnut. Those really are a party in my mouth and my tummy was loving it!

and now, i gotta run off the extra sugar so i can taste more macaroons!

yes, i live to eat and i am happy about it.


much love,