and then i went OHAYOU~

Hello my munchokins,

For those who might not be aware, I AM A HUGE FAN OF JAPANESE FOOD!

Like i just love it, i mean literally i can eat it everyday but i have specific favorites LIKE SUSHI AND RAMENS and so, one day after work, i headed down to Suntec City, a shopping mall in Singapore located at City hall to have some Ramen but i got distracted over some restaurant sushi banner and without a second though, i went in and Kart to eat dinner.

The menu actually overwhelmed me and i had no idea what to get but finally i started spotting food that i adore and the ordering commence.


ICED GREEN TEA!                              SUSHI GOSHIN (Restaurant name)          Prawn ramen that was AH-mazing

20150426_202335 20150426_203506 20150426_203502

Left to Right : Little plates for soy sauce, EEL SUSHI which look wayy to burnt ,  Soft shell crab Sushi

20150426_202859 20150426_202855

Left to Right : Crab sushi, Inari Sushi and Tamago sushi with a side of wasabi.

20150426_202501    20150426_203803 20150426_202723

Left to Right : TAKO SASHIMI and Prawn Ramen and classic California Handroll.

I love how minimalist the concept of the restaurant and the prawn ramen is a must try, one portion is like $6 but it is superly yummy and everything was good but the Soft Shell Crab.

Let me be honest, it was horrible. The sushi and Soft shell crab did not blend harmoniously together in my mouth, it was like raging a war with 2 very different taste. The seafood crab taste was overwhelmed by the green outer layer seasoning and it didn’t taste well at all.

To me, when i enter a sushi eatery or restaurant or somewhere else, i will always order classic sushi such as Tamago, Crab or things like that on the first try because i feel that if the place can master the classic sushi then no doubt they will excel in the rest.

Pricing was kinda average to normal sushi restaurants but the ambiance was nice and calming, it wasn’t loud in decor and felt very wide and spacious but the food was a little disappointing though.

that all for now,


Mariam R.



I honestly love food, more than i love people and that is no lie!

Food are like the best thing god has created because not only it makes you feel happy, it comes in a variety of flavour and colour and what more!

strawberry shortcake


Meet one of my most favourite cakes, the strawberry shortcake! This is known to be a creamy cake and would probably be the only creamy cake i would gladly eat with cream and all! And the fact that is had alot of strawberry in it is a winner because i love cakes with fruits in it! I actually bought this from a bakery in Tampines named Yamazaki Boulangerie and no regrets! It was super good.

kitkit green tea


While wondering around, my friend saw this gem and i had to try it because i love green tea and a kitkat in that flavour was just begging me to try it and i was glad i bought it! It looked like a normal kitkat except the fact that it was green and tasted like Starbucks green tea frappe! Super yummy and i would total buy again!

20130724_202315  20130724_202450

Now all bought all this food stuff at Daiso! Daiso is known to import japanese goods and food and i had no idea why i bought it in the first place but no regrets here because the can is superly cute and smaller than average can size and they taste so good! I bought orange squash, Milk tea, Grape soda and Grape juice. Only the Grape sode was in a regular can while the rest were smaller and i also bought rainbow sunflower seed! I grew up eating those and could easily finish one pack in a day! I would definitely ask you guys ( to the Singaporean or whoever has Daiso in their country ) to head down and try their range of Japanese drink because it is honestly not that bad and its like 2 can for $2 so its kinda worth it and it is okay to be adventurous sometimes!

Much love,