When you feel it

Dear readers of mine!
I hope your monday has been kind to you. Hopefully better than mine!

So yesterday was day 1 of Judo camp! My lovely couldn’t make it because she was down with fever and sore throat and i hope she has a speedy recovery because i miss her!

Anyway my monday started out unslightly because it was time of the month and i hate this. One of the downs of being a lady and it happened on my day 1 of camp. So naturally feeling uncomfortable, i didn’t want to go but one of my other friends was coming and so i just had to go and beside i was hoping this would be an escape.

It started out great even though we came late! We played games and had our dinner but the movie screening was horrible. I mean the show was great. I love the movie but it was superly not interesting when you can barely hear anything! So i gave up and wasted my battery playing with my phone.

Time check : 2.47am
And i feel like shit. To be honest, i feel like nothing is okay right now. I just wanna go home, climb into bed and hide. Maybe its because if the amount of people here or being with unknown people, i just don’t feel okay! I just feel so horrible its annoying me and its not helping i have been nice for the whole day and not bitchy during the period
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