Oh gosh, where do i start?

Hello munchokins!

Since my last open letter and my Starbucks observation journey which i have not wrote about, a lot of thing has happened and i am honestly not sure where to start from.

2015 has proven to be a crazy year so far and i will just start with the starbucks and follow up post will be about other issues and just what has been going on.

So i went to Starbucks for a quick observation because i just wanted to read people’s body and i wanted to go see where i was going with that but was not really interesting cause the place was kinda empty except for a few students studying for god knows what and this man happen to catch my eye. He was the barista and i love how he wears an air of elegance around him, how his hair was backcombed back and love the mini beard or mustache he was keeping, very well trimmed and very neat.

He kinda caught me staring and i had to play it cool and smiled at him which he returned one of course.

so i got bored and started reading my book and then i got distracted then this guy like in the corner caught my attention.

He was talking loudly and people presumed he was angry because my god, he sounded like he just wanted the entire Starbucks and the person he was chatting with to go deaf. I MEAN DOOOD, too loud no?

But as i observe him, he wasn’t angry because his body language was saying things like he was chilling, he was cool and he didn’t mean trouble and he just has a loud voice because when he was ordering coffee, he apologized to the barista and said he was born to be loud.

And i actually giggled when i heard that.

so yeah nothing interesting at all.

Toodle dee you guys!




Short rants : Trust me, if i could hit you, i would



but that also mean i have to go back to work which is a bummer but it’s fine.

Today short rant would be,

How i wish i could hit people who always try to change my plan!

Let’s get it straight here, i am a very particular person even if i don’t show it. I cannot stand people who keeps trying to change my plan especially when i have set it like a few days ago ( which normally is about a day or two beforehand) and when you tell me to change my plan last minute, you are just asking to be hit


Like the other day,

i was actually on the way back home and i had already set what time i needed to clear my school work including my project and the next day’s class work but my clever annoying irritating friend decided she urgently needed something from me and kept saying she needed to get it from me and i knew if i were to get down on the bus, i was going to get home late and delay everything but because she was a friend, i gave her a chance or as we Singaporean say, i gave her face and got down and waited for her and guess what, she called and said she didn’t need it anymore and hanged up. NOT EVEN A WORD OF SORRY WAS SPOKEN,

And the other day,

i was rushing home because i was tired and i honestly just wanted to rest and do my Final year project when my mom called and said she needed me to see my auntie and i told her nicely that i had a lot of things to catch up on and i’ll see her tomorrow but she insisted that i see her today and dragged me to my uncle’s place and i ended up not doing anything productive because well, how could i and i don’t normally get annoyed with this because family is family but there would always be a reason why i would suggest an alternative and it is probably because i had shit to do.

The thing is,

And this is really true because some people, not saying everyone expects you to drop the whole world for them while they are not willing to do the same and will end up playing this blaming game with a hint of emotional blackmail. Lets be honest here, everyone has their own things/ shit to do and as much as we want to help you, we have got to help ourselves first and if we don’t, we are the ones suffering, not you sweetie.

so to everyone out there,

unless it is a dire emergency, please please do not alter or try to change someone’s plan last minute because you end up screwing them over and if you really really need to see them or talk to be, ask first and if they really cannot, offer alternative.

We really do appreciate people who are able to do that and of course we will move our things around accordingly.

We are human and we have got to be considerate to one another because if we don’t, we cannot expect people to do the same for us.


toodle dee you guys!



Short Rant : Being a little busy bee and loving it

Since the 15 of November, life has taken a dramatic toll.

Just started my part time work and oh my god, i have been busier then ever now. I am rushing through school with 5 modules and Final Year Project and work on the weekends. I am oddly blessed to have found a job that only requires me to work for just the weekends and the best part, i end at 7pm! it is good for me because i get to go home early compared to all my other previous part time jobs but the bad part is i won’t be able to sleep in and i start work at 9:15am.

Yes, i have been a little busy bee but to be honest, i quite enjoy it even though it is tiring. Being able to be feel independent and being able to take charge of your life is an amazing feeling. People always come up to me and ask if i was tired and i tell them i am but i am in control and therefore, i am enjoying it.,

This would probably be the first time ever i am in control of my life and it is exciting because it is such a new feeling and i like it a lot but there is of course a downside to it. i am unable to spend time with my family and it sucks when you don’t get to attend family dinner or family outing and you don’t get to write/ blog as often as you wish. I mean i procrastinate a lot but i do enjoy writing a whole lot


But to be honest, that is life. You have to give and take even though you wish you could be super women and do everything but honey, we weren’t built like that.

anyway, that’s probably all for now

Toodle dee you guys!

It is already the mid week and the weekends are coming!



Hey guys, sorry for the long non update but i am back! hahah. 

i actually have nothing much to say but there is going to be a few slight changes because this blog will soon be co-owned with my friend Fifa! Now she will be blogging about her life, her food adventure and her recipe as she does cook unlike me who does it when the moment comes and forgets the recipes later on. 

now, people will want to know who blogs who and probably we might end off with our initial like either R. or F. or either, we might have to start revealing our faces! hahah, i might not be ready for that but if it makes it easier for everyone, well why not right? 

and another thing, i am hooked on supernatural! i finished 17 episode is 2 days and i can’t wait for the next episode. I am such a fan of Crowley and dean ( just look at his jawline!!),  both of them should really be best friend! and possibly cass, he has this handsome dreamy look! 

so now we are done with out update, 

let’s start with something to talk/ think about : words. 

Words have various means and uses like making a sentences, putting meaning into them and also having an impact on people. Words can break or motivate someone and can potentially ruin the person as well. it is tough because sometimes, we don’t mean what we say and we do not know the impact it has because to us, it might be normal but to someone else, it could be hurtful. 

Like for example, i swear a lot with the people closes to me because that is who i am, that is how i express most of my emotion and probably that is the only one i still manage to look tough and not vulnerable and not bothered and i always tell myself i should stop but it slips out all the time. 


but these are not those kind of words that hurt someone, this is what i call the conversational swearing. When we open our mouth, the swear words come out. 

Words that potentially ruin someone are calling them worthless and useless, calling them a burden and an irritant. These words will stick with the person till the day he pass away, he will never forget it. why? because simply, we are human, we believe most of the thing that people tell us when they are in anger or in upset and a lot of people don’t realize how bad it can get. Telling a person how useless they are can eventually sink them into depression and when the other party knows about it, their defence, 

“I was just kidding man, you aren’t that bad” 

and you honestly think the person will believe, no sweets, you can repeat those words for a thousand time and he will only remember you calling him useless and worthless. 

it goes the same for a good compliment, if you tell someone how awesome they are, anything bad that has happened that day will just vanish because being appreciated is one of the best feeling in the world, knowing someone appreciate you for your work and is thankful for it, what more can you ask for. Even a simple thank you can turn someone’s day around. 

and with that, be careful of your words when you are speaking to someone. It is very hard to realize what comes out of our mouth when we are angry but if you make an effort, the damage won’t be irreversible and the person might not feeling like shit. I know there are moments when you ask someone to do a simple task yet they screw that up. I get how annoying it must be but take a deep breathe and tell them everyone makes mistake and try motivating them, encouraging them because who knows with constant motivation, they just might turn around and do a better job! 

words just as knowledge are a very powerful thing. 

and with that, 

xoxo you guys! 



Have a great weekend you guys! 

it’s a fandom : Elementary

Hello readers! 

How are you guys on this lovely day? 

Because of the time difference, it might either be Friday or Saturday depending which part of the world you guys are at and i just want to say HAPPY WEEKENDS!

Now you guys can choose to get the party started or be like me, downloading all my dramas latest episode and curl up and just take a break! 

Elementary has hit a season 2 and so far, i have been loving all their episodes. 

However when i went to Google some information up, i seem more people expressing their displeasure about Elementary. 

Like example, Joan Watson is a women when she is suppose to be a man, 

they feeling like its ruining their famous bromance known to all. 


I still do not get how Joan Watson being a women instead of a man is a big deal. 

I actually quite like elementary because it offers a different perceptive to a very well known character, Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick, John Watson. The difference in it offers like a fresh breathe of air, yes i agree some people are really hardcore fans and do not like the change but why not? For me, the main thing about elementary is how Sherlock builds his relationship with the people around him and it is quite comical especially when we have Joan Watson who is a strong female character going against Sherlock on how he treats people. Seeing their dog and cat relationship makes you think of you and your best friend and i really do like Jamie Moriarty. She might not be as scheming as Moriarty is BBC Sherlock but she is still as classy and i like the way she brings herself. We are drawn to things we do not understand. 

Now, people always compare BBC Sherlock and Elementary and humans compare, there is nothing to it. I do believe BBC Sherlock who is played by the ever so handsome Benedict cumberbatch do capture the essence of the actual Sherlock Holmes very well as compared to Johnny lee miller but i still do love johnny lee miller on how quirky he is with the people around him and how his relationship with Joan Watson and Jamie Moriarty plays out. The difference in variation of having BBC all male lead trio as compared to Elementary 1 man 2 lady lead is rather appealing in both ways. 

I do however wish that Joan Watson and Sherlock will end up together because society has always taught us that no man and women can ever just be friends especially when they need each other and that is what i want out of Elementary especially when we all can see how much Joan really means to Sherlock!

Alright, till here my rants shall go on, 

Happy weekends everyone!




Hi guys!

you must probably be wondering what in the world does my tittle say!

안녕하세요 is annyeonghaseyo which basically means hello in korean!

How are you guys today?

well in Singapore, it was very hot in the morning till it started raining and we have very thankful for the cooling weather and not the weather that makes us feel like we are being fried.

so whats up with me and the korean or as they call it hangul words?

you see, my aunt just came back from south korea and bought me a few souvenirs and a few food to eat to try as well!

so let’s see what she bought!

20130907_224935  20130907_225442  20130907_225542


i know its nothing much but at least it is something right?

So we went to my grandparents place and my aunt was giving everyone souvenirs and she bought this tea time snack normally found in korean cafe where it is a strawberry covered biscuit ball which was about a palm size and what she told me was normally when you buy it there, they will smash it for you and put it in a bag for you to go and eat it. I wish i knew what it was called so i can show you guys but sadly my aunt doesn’t know the name as well 😦

she also brought korean dried mango which was in a packet and look like any other dried mango but the only difference is, the dried mango are not sweet! they actually tasted a  bit sourish compared to the normal sweet fried mango you’ll find in the Philippines and Malaysia.

So my aunt brought me a shirt with korean words, korean seaweed which i absolutely love and wished i had more, face mask and last earrings!

Fun fact #1 ; i actually took korean classes about a few years back because my main goal was to watch korean drama without subtitles as it is a torture to wait for them sometimes but apparently my plan backfire because expectation always differs from reality like if there was 8 session, we would probably use 4-5 session trying to read words and pronouncing them along with writing them.

Now here is the thing, my pronouncing was given the thumbs up but i can;t say the same for my writing and reading. I was totally horrible at it. My writing looked weird and my reading was slow and i had to write the romanization for me to actually understand the word! now romanization is kinda like the alphabet version of the word where they use ABC and not characters like the ones in my tittle!

Eventually i did get my cert for completing the course but sad enough to say, i still do need subtitles for my drama as i would understand like 10% of it without subtitles and 5% lesser if we are talking about historical drama because they use more of a formal pronunciation compared to the usual informal ones!

Fun fact #2 : I can speak minimal spanish ( my best friend took that up and taught me ) , Basic Bahasa indonesia ( my family has indonesian blood ), very little Japanese ( my aunt is Japanese) and minimal chinese ( because we can? hahah)

I think it is easier if we are born with the language then trying to learn a new one unless you started out young like i was brought up in a malay and english sepaking household so these are my main language but because i have a variety of friends, we have a tendency to pick up some of their words and speak it but if they were to ask us to speak like them, probably not a good idea and even worst when they speak it to you like they think you know it and you just end up standing there like

thats all for now you guys!



what is up in September!

Hi guys!

So as the tittle say, i am i up to in September!

You know sometimes i do think it is easier to just vlog about this because it would be kinda cool and more easier for me but i am a shy person and i do love the sound of my keyboard getting typed on so guess i am going to stick to writing for the mean time 🙂

First and foremost, i actually have started a cafe wordpress with my bestfriend to give review about up and coming Cafe in Singapore and i do hope for my readers support in this! I will give more details once our first post is up 🙂 so be on the lookout for that!

Secondly, I just did some shopping while collecting my altered judo pants!



The plastic bags might look little but its the contents that matter! And i also managed to grab a starbucks drink while running my errands which is in my handy dandy Starbucks Christmas edition ( given as a birthday gift) Tumbler and i would advice you guys to get their Tumbler because you are doing your part to save the earth and you get discounts on your drinks using your tumbler so its is a very good thing!




hahaha! sorry for the outburst but this would be my virgin trip to the F1 because i have never ever in my life gone for any F1 related things because i am not a huge fan and i really don’t get how it works which is the opposite of my best friend ( who i am going with ) who knows everything about F1 so i’ll be counting on her to give me the low down on things! so, i got tickets for the F1 event on friday because i was going to be busy on sat and sun but i wanted to know what was all the hype about in F1 and my best friend wanted to see Bigbang ( Korean group) perform so yeah.  I went for their concert in here in singapore and once is enough i guess but best friend wanted to see them again! and i got to admit the line up for this year entertainment is pretty awesome because we have a mix of local and other countries performer and the ones who people wanted to see would definitely be rihanna, Justin bieber,owl city, bigbang and the killers (My all time favourite! ) so pretty excited to go!

Apart from F1, i would be cafe hunting with best friends aka my girls, visiting the doctors again as i have 2 appointment scheduled this month and judo has started training again and lastly a lot of activity like coastal clean up and some training!

Gonna be pretty busy this september and hopefully it will all pay off in October and i got to start planning for my mom’s birthday surprise because i won’t be here for her birthday and i don’t want her to feel sucky and alone since her only daughter won’t be around for her birthday!

so that is all for now! I do hope that your September will be productive and awesome one and if it was not going the way you want it too, hang loose and keep moving forward because there might be a silver lining in it so stay strong alright 🙂


much love you guys!


Hello people!

Hello people! I am still alive (amazingly ) and apparently very lazy! 

Yes, you all would have probably known that y now from my lack of post and “I’ll get it done soon ” which i never seem to get too! I do sincerely apologise because as much as i hate to admit it, i am a procrastinator ( amazed that this word actually exist!)

so what is a procrastinator?

someone who put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness. 

now i actually have a ton of pictures in my laptop just waiting for your discovery and for the next few post, i will be posting mainly pictures of my haul and other stuff and give some description or comments, whichever makes it easier 🙂

I have not decided to continue my ramadan post but shall finish up the hari raya because i need too and i won’t be doing my adventure post to Indonesia because honestly, the trip was bad. My mom openly dissed my friends and it made things bad and lets not remember the bad past and move along happily with other things that makes you smile or ponder about 🙂

now, i would be honoured if you continue reading the next few post but if you don’t, i understand 🙂

so shall we get started? 

much love, 


rants : girl gamer

Hi guys, sorry for the MIA-ness for the past few weeks. Been busy with hari raya outing and people coming over and of course school. Been such a drag and holla for me cause today was the last day of school. 

Today’s rant is about girl gamers! i love them, like i think they are the coolest people in the world! 

I mean you can beat a guy at their own game or complete a mission as good as the guys and that is so cool and they can go for like more than 10 hours just playing their game with minimal toilet break and the only time i would even face my laptop for more than 8 hours is when I’m doing on-line shopping or watching my drama but i do hate the feminist concept most people have on girl gamers! 

Like a few days ago, i was talking to someone who just completed COD ( call of duty) i think. Even though i didn’t complete the game, i still played it and the conversation went like this. 

Him : oh my god rai, I was up all night playing COD! The game is the bomb. 

Me : Call of duty? Yeah totally. it kept me up all night too. 

Him: Wait, you know what is COD? you play it? 

Me : LIke duh! everyone knows it! 

and he then proceed to start quizzing me on the game and to be honest, i got pissed off because it is so hard to believe that i, a lady, a women, a growing teenager plays COD? 

and after all that quizzing, he invited me to play with him one day. 


There is no way i am going to play with a guy who just judge me! like he is not going to judge me when i play with them and this i know from experience. 

So yeah, i think gamer girls are cool and i’ll show you a chart that will help you identify a proper gamer girl. 

found this on the internet and this is so true!

Lets all be realistic here, gamer girls come in all different shapes and sizes like how guys comes in different size and there are some really pretty gamer girl but if you play with this girl and she doesn’t curse or just go “Don’t hate me cause i play video game ” 

She ain’t a true blue gamer girl. 

True blue gamers curse the shit out of people and for a second there, people would think a demon has possessed our body because the amount of curses are too damn high!

now why do i say this? 

I might not be a very active gamer girl in the sense that i only play games that interest me and most of them are first player shooter game, action, adventure or fighting games like  Dead or Alive series. I would rush home just to play that but i have stepped into a LAN shop to play games like L4D 1 and 2 and i can tell you, i curse like a mother bitch and i still curse after the game is over and I’ll admit it, i have a rather foul mouth when gaming is involved for example 

me : *Cursing to my heart content *

Friends : chill it is just a game. 

Me : Chill?! that mother of a useless bitch just tried to kill me. I’ll slap the living daylight out of him * continues cursing and mumbling to myself  while playing the game* 

My friends were speechless and now i think they have grown use to it because if we play a game all together, they just let me curse or even curse with me and let me cool down before talking about how the game play was. It takes a few minute for me to get out of my gaming zone to my normal less foul mouth state. 

but whatever it is, girl gamer are the bomb and guys should start respecting them because they can whoop your ass and treat them like a fellow gamer as well, not just some random chick who plays video games for attention. Not everyone is like that. 

Love you guys!


long story short

Hi guys, 

i know i haven’t blog in like a while and yes my exams were over so technically i had more free time but 

Hari raya was coming so i had alot of chores to do and i have been sick for more than a week now. 

sounds more like excuses right but do not worry, every single time i feel a need to blog and i have a topic in mind, i usually scribble it down on my handy dandy notebook! doesn’t that remind you of blues clues? 


I totally grew up watching this show and yeah, i liked it and it honestly believe blue was a boy until someone told me it was a girl. 


anyway here is the list i came up with 



so yeah, long story short, i got my list all ready and you can expect to see more rants! hehe! 

love you guys and thank you for being patient!