I want to fall for someone shy, i want a skinny love

Hello munchokins!

Often we hear people ask us what is our type, do we have a type, who would we want to fall for and normally i tell people i want certain characteristics but lately, i want to fall/ be with someone who is shy, i want to be the cheeky one who makes the other person smile, i want them to have a soft smile when they look at me smiling cheekily at them.

i want a skinny love, i want a playful love, i want someone so vastly different from me that we can make it work.

In my head, i picture someone so vastly different from me. The person ( you) is shy, they keep to themselves a lot and always has their earpiece or headphones in their ear and bobbing their head to the music. You are the cool kind, even tempered and a smile worthy of me turning into a puddle.

I will be the cheeky one who will tease you and when i do that, You  would have this kind of smile while looking away because you are just that shy.

when we go out separately with our friends or i would be engrossed in my book, you would look at me from across the room with this kind of smile till i realize and look at you, making my heart just at the sight of his smile.

you would be the secure one while i will be the insecure one, you will be the calmness to my storm.

And if we ever go out dancing, i want to be the one pulling you to the dance floor excitedly and just grooving with you till our song comes on and i would pull you closer and just wrap my arms around you with our forehead touching.

and we would be singing to our favorite song and just be lost in our own little world and thinking how lucky we both have to share a love that has blossomed from 2 people who are vastly different from each other.

We might have our fights but i want us to last through it.

I would love it also if you were to write me letters because i am a sucker for those.

we would be those couple who doesn’t have to say i love you to prove we love each other, we would say it in those rare moments but we would show it to the world without being too much for others to bear. we would have a skinny love.


but who isn’t anyway, hehehe.

but exceptions differ greatly from reality and i am just hoping one day i would be able to experience this kind of love.

toodle dee you guys!,